Unfortunately we do not all have a zero waste/unpackaged/bulk store near us. See if you do [here]

If you are struggling to find somewhere near you then let us know and we will help you look.


Unpacked at Waitrose

As we do not then we visited the Unpacked at Waitrose trial this month.

We really hope that Waitrose roll this out further as it was a very enjoyable experience.

It takes a little time to get used to how to weigh and price items but once you get past that then the joy of creating no waste is unconfined. Of course some of these items came to Waitrose in packaging but we can't fix everything at once can we?

We were most surprised about the rice and porridge which was super cheap.

It was especially lovely to be able to buy lettuce without plastic packaging. Something not usually possible.

Feedback was given to Waitrose about a need for more space around the dry hoppers and a need for signage to detail where compostable plastics are used.


If you are within reach I recommend going to visit Waitrose in Oxford, make sure you try the beer (its made partly from stale bread).