When your clothes are old, tired, boring or broken; then do you wonder what to do with them?

I have discovered 'Love Your Clothes' which covers this topic very well. There are ways to reinvent your clothes or to trade them in return for cash, more clothes or an enormous sense of wellbeing.

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Other Options

  • Try your local fire station clothing bank, they also take worn out clothing. [more]
  • Some brands have begun accepting back their own worn clothing. Check out Patagonia, REI, The North Face, H&M, Levi's, Eileen Fisher.
  • Swishing or swapping. [also check out]


US Options

  • Overview of what to do with old clothes [here].
  • Buying second hand clothes Ebay is an obvious option, but why not check out Swap Shop [here].
  • 100 ways to upcycle your clothing [here].