I collected my waste for the month of July and was even more active than usual at being plastic free. My waste broke down into several categories. I did not have any recyclable plastic items but usually have one or two.



Jars: I usually keep them with the intention of reusing or getting crafty with them. However if the labels are hard to remove then they get recycled.

Spirit Bottles: Kept with similar aspirations to the jars.

Beer and Cider Bottles: These get recycled but I looking closer some beers have plastic labels so these will be removed and placed in landfill. I will be focusing on getting beer in reusable containers going forward.


Tins and foil

Tins: Soup, fruit and some deserts

Foil: Pie case and rare use of foil for encasing food




Brown and greaseproof: I put this in my compost (not all greaseproof is compostable)

Glossy, printed and white: Currently I am recycling this in the municipal recycling

Colour catchers: For washing, these can be recycled


Landfill items (mostly plastic)

Vacum cleaner waste (recently switched to a bagless model)

Ash from a wood fire

Prescription medicine packaging

Dryer lint

Some limited plastic packaging

Plastic labels



Bones go to the council recycling

Large quantities of citrus go to council recycling

The rest goes in to my home composting including all of my garden waste


Non kerbside recycling

There are some items that can be recycled by Terracycle or other methods so don't show up in these photos. They are being saved up to deposit at a local collection point.

- Crisp packets (rare treat)

- Toothpaste tubes

- Plastic bags (collection points at certain supermarkets)