Ever think that you may as well place your recycling bin directly under your letterbox? There are three categories of unwanted items that can come through your letterbox.


Addressed mail

  • The Direct Marketing Association has been setup to allow you to opt out of these sorts of marketing communications. [block mail]

  • The Fundraising Regulator allows you to register to not receive communications from a specific charity. [block mail]


Unaddressed mail

Some companies pay Royal Mail to deliver marketing materials for them. [block mail]

  • Please note that you may miss some government communications by opting out of these.

  • By opting out of these communications you could potentially contribute to reducing the profitability of the postal service, which may end up with its service being degraded or lost.

  • These letters are the minority of the addressed mail you receive (according to Royal Mail).


Handposted items

  • Get yourself a sign to say no to junk mail. Some are more specific and list leaflets and menus along with other items you don't want to receive.

  • I recently opted for a sign and time will tell how effective it is. While not wanting to recommend Amazon, I did buy it from there. [buy]

  • If I continue to receive unwanted items then the businesses will be contacted by me directly.

  • I do not use charity collection bags that are posted through my door as it is very hard to tell if they are from a genuine charity and where the items or money will end up. [more]


United States

  • There are a number of different ways you can stop Junk Mail in the US. [more]
  • Register with the Direct Marketing Association to stop 3/4 of unwanted mail. [more]
  • Register with CatalogChoice to stop Catalogs and other junk mail. [more]