As a company Pure Patisserie are passionate about the planet and treading as softly upon it as possible in their mission to bring their customers delicious pastries, cakes and sweet delights. We have partnered with them to help them achieve this. Find out more about their products [here].

They hate food waste and have developed a number of tasty way they can use left overs:

Trim Truffles

They created the ‘Trim Truffle’ which is lovingly crafted from offcuts of brownie which they ‘trim’ to size. The trim is then mixed with orange zest, rolled into balls, filled with orange marmalade, coated in tempered chocolate and then dusted to finish. They don’t hang around long, YUM!


Apple Pies

Apple and cinnamon jam made from apple trim combined with puff pastry off cuts from their apple custard tart. These are divine fresh from the oven and covered in custard!



How you can be more like the them?

Food Diary: Keep a food waste diary next to your bin and just jot down what you throw away each day. Do it for a week or a month and then review. What did you throw away most and what can you do to either reuse it instead or prevent the waste by changing your habits? [more]

Meal Planning: A great way to reduce food waste is to plan your meals for the week. If you are planning a dish then also think through what you may have to throw away. Can you use any of those components for something else and freeze it for another time? If there will not be enough 'waste' to use then why not bulk up your meal and freeze some for later. [more]

Composting: I hope many of you have food waste collection available. It is really key to use this as if the waste is sent to landfill it emits methane as it breaks down which has 25 times more global warming potential than carbon dioxide. [more]