Many breweries now offer beer in refillable containers (approx 3 pints). Some will also allow you to bring your own to be filled.

Waitrose with their unpacked trial are selling beer in this way, in their own containers only. As of September 30th it's available in Oxford and Cheltenham with plans for Abingdon and Wallingford in November. [more]

Gun Dog Ales, my local brewery, sells their delicious beer in refillable flagons (also known as growlers in the US). [more]


Find a Brewery

Use your postcode to find your nearest brewery [here]. Then check their website or give them a call to ask:

- Do they have a refillable option?

- What containers do they sell for it and what are they made of?

- Can you bring your own suitably sized container?

- What volume can you buy it in?



Sanitiser: You may want to sanitise your bottles before having them refilled and you can find an option for that [here].

Approx volumes: 64oz / 1900ml / 3.2 pints

Bring your own container: If they only sell plastic containers and allow customers own containers then you have options.


Glass (Less than £15) - A good alternative to plastic and cheap enough to invest in a few [here].

Stainless Steel (£25 to £60) - Insulated or non insulated versions with different options available [here] and [here].


United States

Looking for your local brewery then try [here] or [here] or even [here].

In the market for a growler then google is your best bet.