Hi all, welcome to this month’s summary of my adventures in sustainability. CHANGE for purchases, LEARN for discoveries, ACT for adventures, THE FUTURE for what’s on the horizon. Click [more] to get the low down.



Glass Jars: Brabantia storage jars to put leftovers in and store bulk bought dry goods. [more]

Pod Based Cleaners: Ocean Saver make pods that dissolve in a spray bottle full of water. They come packaged in cardboard and they also sell spray bottles for life! (I have not used them yet). [more]

Produce Bags: Reduce your use of paper bags when shopping and eliminate plastic bags. [more]

Bamboo cutlery and straw set: Be prepared and have this with you when you are on the go. [more]


Marine Litter: If you want to understand more about how to combat ocean plastic pollution then try this course run by the Netherlands Open University. [more]

UK Waste Plans: Its useful to know the direction we are taking as a country. I have been reading the governments waste and recycling policy published Dec 2018, check out the summary at the start. [more] 

Here are some interesting takeaways:

  • 20 million whole slices of bread are binned by UK households every single day!
  • From April 2022 we will stimulate demand for recycled plastic by introducing a tax on plastic packaging with less than 30% recycled plastic.

EDIE Live: Conferences are a great way to learn about plans to replace single use plastics (check out [OOHO] and [#oneless]). [more]


Zero Waste Wedding: We can all influence events we are involved in. This event was in New Orleans and I was the zero waste coordinator for it.

INFORM: Explain your plans and clearly label bins for recyclables, food waste (composted) & landfill (one small bag).
PREPARE: We had reusable plates, cutlery and metal cups (the wedding favors) for the guests to use.
CHOOSE: We used locally sourced rum and wine.
ADAPT: Leftover food from the crawfish boil was processed and made into soup or frozen to be eaten later.


Sustainable Bartending: I spent a lot of time thinking about this during my 3-week trip to the US. [more]

BE OUTSPOKEN: I discussed waste and straws with bartenders at 8 different bars
GIVE ADVICE: Initial discussions with a distillery in New Orleans about how they can be more sustainable
BE THE EXAMPLE: Personally avoided all but two plastic cups and one straw during my trip


WASTE: Working on a goal of a zero waste to landfill household, with the help of Teracycle. Stay tuned for more.
ENERGY: Researching options for switching to 100% green energy


  Ask me for help with your changes, learning and actions. We are all one big team #wastelesswarriors