Save money and the planet by switching to 100% green energy.


UK - Octopus Energy

Switch to them with this link and save £50 off your bill (and save us some off ours too cool) -

All their electricity is from 100% renewable sources and they even offer a 'Super Green Octopus' tariff that offsets your gas usage by partnering with Renewable World


UK - Switch Service

Unsure which green energy supplier is the best for you then use the Big Clean Switch website to help you decide.


US - Arcadia Power

Some states have opportunities to buy green energy directly or favourable incentives to install your own generation options. 

If your state is not one of these then check out Arcadia Power. They offer the ability to make your energy bill greener no matter where you are and also help to keep you on the cheapest tarrif. [Learn More]

Referral link - Arcadia Power