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Glass milk bottles can be reused from 15 times up to 50 times! They are then recycled.

Other than the obvious reduction in single use plastic waste there are several reasons you may decide to choose to get milk delivered in glass bottles.


  1. It travels less distance to get to you and is less processed
  2. It stays colder longer in glass
  3. It tastes better in glass as there is no affect to the flavour, which can occur with plastic or paper
  4. You are supporting local farmers
  5. Glass is endlessly recyclable without a loss of quality or purity
  6. Getting your milk delivered is more convenient
  7. There are often plenty of other products you can order as late as 10pm the day before
  8. Some companies have an app for order changes, covering payment holidays etc



If you don't want to fight with the foil top then buy MooPops 'silicone bottle tops' [here] . Also available at [Amazon] and [Milk and More].