This is an accessory everyone should have and there is a multitude of different options available. It is very important to wash your bottle regularly.

The most important thing here is you get yourself one and stop using single use bottles of water. If your reusable needs to be plastic then so be it. Ask us for help with choosing if you are overwhelmed by the choice.


Below is paraphrased from The Telegraph and their reviews. [more]

Reviews are also available from The Independent. [more]


Material Durability Washing Recyclability Temp Control Other

Stainless Steel

Very durable Has to be hand washed as they often come with a thermal lining Easy Very good with hot or cold Can sometimes give a metallic taste


Toughened but possible to break Dishwasher safe Easy Minimal  


Durable but can be cracked if misused Dishwasher safe Downcycling only Minimal Environmental impact of plastic production
Other         Both bamboo and aliminium are reported to have a strong impact on flavour



Purchasing impact: Some things to consider

- Does the manufacturer support any charities

- Recyclability of the product after use

- Attractive products with colourful finishes etc will probably impact recyclability and initial environmental footprint of creation. Simple is likely better.


Recommended Buys
Chilly's: Stainless steel and partnered with a campaign to increase the availability of free tap water refill points and 50% of the price goes to this. They also have tons of other designs not part of this campaign. [buy]  
Dopper: Plastic and easy to clean. 5% of profits go to the Dopper Foundation to reduce plastic pollution and provide clean water. [buy]  
Thermos: Plastic and no frills. I have used one of these for years and recommend it if you are choosing plastic. [buy]    

Wake Cup: Stainless steel and the outer is bamboo which may make it hard to recycle but they donate 10% of profits to 'The Marine Conservation Society'. [buy]  


And Keep: A variety of stainless steel and glass options here to choose from. [buy]