While we should all be aiming to reduce our need to recycle this takes time to make the changes and isn't always practical.

Terracycle run a series of fantastic free recycling programs that will help you recycle tons (literally) of items that kerbside recycling will not take.

They may be sponsored by a brand by many cover all brands.


United Kingdom

Full list of Terracycle Programs.



Oral Care (toothbrush, toothpaste etc) - [link]

Home and air cleaning products - [link]

Contact lenses - [link]

Beauty products - [link]



Crisps and nuts - [link] OR [link]

Biscuits and snacks - [link]

Sweets and chocolate - [link]

Bread bags - [link]

Pet Food - [link]




United States

The US program seems a little more complicated but should definitely be checked out.

Full list of programs (paid and free)[link]


Options to participate are:

1. FREE programs that have 'available locations' so you can start collection.


2. Programs that have drop off as an option then find your nearest drop off point.


3. Programs that have a mail in envelope as their image and they will send you an envelope to post your recycling to them in.