There is a lot to be said for a problem shared is a problem halved. Share your ideas and make change together

There are some in person and virtual groups around that will help you on your journey to reduce waste and be more sustainable. It is a journey and no-one expects you to do it all at once. Every step you make is valuable and should be celebrated!


In person

Meet up has lots of groups for all manner of things. There are some focused on the environment, zero waste and sustainability. With a focus on London it is worth a look to see if there is anything in your area. [search]

If you don't see one then why not start one? We can help you with advice and encouragement on this.



Instagram: A great place for inspiration as there are tons of people sharing tips on how to be more sustainable and what to swap. Check out our Instagram for suggestions on who to follow.

Twitter: Another option for joining the conversation. We don't have an account yet but are considering starting to tweet!

Reddit: There are a number of groups that you may enjoy getting involved with one popular sub is /r/sustainability/