Wasteless Wedding
Working with Jane and James we helped them make every aspect of their Wedding as zero waste as possible. This event was in New Orleans and I was the zero waste coordinator for it.



Explain your plans and clearly label bins for recyclables, food waste (composted) & landfill (one small bag). 



 I had reusable plates, cutlery and metal cups (the wedding favors) for the guests to use.



 Leftover food from the crawfish boil was processed and made into soup or frozen to be eaten later. 




 I used locally sourced rum and wine.

Jane Patton had this to say

When I first reached out to Wasteless Consulting about my upcoming wedding, I wasn't sure it would be possible for us to actually have the 'Zero Waste Wedding' that we wanted - especially in the South of the US, where recycling isn't great. Plus, we had 105 people to feed! But Richard was very helpful from the beginning, thinking through every detail, from the wedding favors (reusable stainless steel pint cups!) to the serving spoons for the food (durable metal, of course) to clearly labeled separate waste bins for recycling, compost, and landfill. Not only did he go through every element of the event with me before to ensure sustainability, Richard was on-site during our event, answering guests' questions, ensuring there were always clean and durable dishes at the ready, and even pouring drinks into our sustainable wedding favor cups. I would heartily recommend Richard for any event in the future, and I hope to work with him again soon.